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The DAR ALFIKR family is delighted to welcome

you to its enjoyable, flexible, as well as most

fruitful courses Website.



While our own language curriculum expands all

the time, were also renovating some of the

course books when better more updated ones show up.


Our courses do not include English language learning

only, but also Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Russian,

German and Arabic for foreigners courses.


To make the learning process complete, our institute provides

our students with variety of computer courses for all ages.


Traveling to Britain, Canada or France to polish your favorite

language is also included as part of our expansion.


Last but not least, with co-operation of British Colleges, were

proud to offer you our Diploma and Certificate Courses Business

administration Diploma, Banking and Finance Diploma, Marketing

Certificate and others which were met with appreciation by our

customers and resulted with unsurpassable success.


Also, travel, tourism, and business courses are a must among our

kaleidoscopic courses.


MALAYSIA & CYPRUS are our Breakthrough news.