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     Enjoy Our Membership

Now you are a member of DAR ALFIKR, you can participate in a variety of activities that are sure to be of interest to you.

- Talent Contest for Kids: Win and be famous! Discover your new talent and the skills of your friends. Win a prize for playing the piano,for
acting, or for telling a story. Who knows where
this start will lead you.

- A day trip to some points of attraction like the Aleppo Citadel or further away places like ALHossin Fort or Mashta Holu are usual trips enjoyed by our students every course they attend.
This may incur a supplementary charge for entrance and transportation fees.
Try our interesting library.
You can find more than your choice of books, plus….

- If you’re a movie favorite check our movie
calendar to watch our weekly movie with
friends and colleagues.

- Being a DAF member you will be destined to
taste our incomparable outings – whether in
small or big groups, your day will be for ever


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